Is Crowd Working the Future of Recruitment?

Crowd Working

The importance of modern technology has had a direct impact on business functions and the role that employees play. Items of technology such as smartphones and tablets make up an important part of free time and they are now creeping into working life, as more companies are encouraging their employees to use personal devices to increase productivity in their role as a member of staff. For more information on the idea of BYOD click here.

As technology maintains its influence within the workplace, employee positions are under threat and more businesses are looking to alternative recruitment methods to reduce overheads and maintain the current level of productivity.

Crowd Working: What is it?

Employers currently use the Internet as a source of recruitment and a way to identify and discover members of staff that can carry out the necessary functions. Crowd working takes this idea and expands it by allowing employers to eradicate the need for employing permanent members of staff, and instead use the Internet as an employee.

Crowd working consists of a number of freelancers that have the technical knowledge and abilities to complete the work tasks that are required at a lower cost. Thanks to technology, freelancers, employers and colleagues can communicate and collaborate on tasks to ensure they are completed effectively.

How Does it Help the Business Industry?

Small business in particular are taking the opportunity to crowd work to ultimately reduce their large overheads that can be crippling for a business with a small budget. Permanent employees come with large costs such as salaries, health care and the legislations and restrictions that come with employment.

Outsourcing work means it is completed for a significantly smaller cost and at a much faster rate, as the freelancer will be able to devote a certain amount of time to one task, unlike employees that will have multiple responsibilities.

It is suggested that crowd workers are of a better quality and are 99% more accurate in their work as they have more time to spend on research and dedicating to the project.

Is Crowd Working the Future?

More and more businesses look set to utilize crowd working as a way of fulfilling the services of the company, without having large expenses that can leave the future of a company in jeopardy.

It is estimated that around 20% of current jobs will be outsourced which equates to the freelance industry earning a revenue of $45 billion a year, working 91 billion hours and with around 45 million workers offering their services on the Internet. Learn more about the easiest way to complete a complex task in an organization, on this website: