It’s What You Wear Underneath That Makes an Outfit Look Great

Wear Underneath

With the influx of form-fitting fabrics used in everything from dresses to tank tops to skinny jeans, today’s woman need to reconsider how fashion trends look on their bodies from all sides—front, rear and sides. For an optimal look, it’s time to consider shapewear, the right bra and no-line panty solutions to ensure the outfits you buy look awesome.

Get a Strapless Bra That Fits

Most women aren’t supermodel skinny. Our bodies are in all shapes and sizes including our busts. With age comes change in gravity and our breasts fall. A common mistake many women make when seeking out a good strapless bra is finding one that actually fits and will complement the strapless outfit.

Before buying “off-the-rack” get measured so you know your bra size and then employ the knowledge of lingerie experts who will be able to find the right strapless bra that will enhance the outfit, not a strapless bra that shows in certain spots or doesn’t offer adequate support.

Buy No-Line Panties

For a streamline look when wearing dresses and skinny jeans, invest in panties that won’t show panty lines. These include thongs and there are also shapewear panties that minimize or take away panty lines altogether.

Avoid solving this solution by wearing a slip over regular panties because slips don’t effectively hide the unwanted lines.

Take Advantage of Bustier and Corset Undergarments

Beyond shapewear, women can also utilize a corset or sexy bustier top. Both of these undergarments help to provide an hour-glass figure and waist slimming effects.

A bustier or corset also acts as a push-up bra and an all-in-one solution for slimming down the tummy.

Explore Shapewear

Shapewear is all the rage these days and aids in a variety of areas. Some of the shapewear getting rave reviews by women include:

  • Cami Tanks and Panties – Get a seamless effect when wearing tanks and skinny jeans with shapewear designed to minimize back fat and the muffin top look. Shapewear panties come in a variety of solutions such as thong, full coverage and buttock and thigh thinners. Popular in this category are compression shirts and slimming camisoles with underwire.
  • Full Body Slips – These all-in-one undergarments offer various slimming solutions. Full body slips keep excessive body fat from jiggling and minimizes other problems such as back and side fat. Many of these are available to concentrate on one particular area such as the breast, tummy or back.
  • Waist & Body Cinchers – Women who want a slimmer feel and look in the tummy, back, buttock and thigh areas can find many trimming solutions with either a waist or body cincher. There are options that slim from under the breasts to the thighs, buttock and thigh only, tummy concentrated and full body cinchers for a complete slimmer and seamless effect.

Shop Smarter for the Best Solutions

Because there are so many undergarment shaping solutions for all types of figures and sizes, to get the best look, take the time to shop for the right slimming/control underwear by trying on a variety of types under the clothing where you need the most protection. This affords you the opportunity to see the effect of the three-way mirrors retail stores provide.

With so many form-fitting undergarment solutions on the market today, every woman can look great in any outfit and when you feel slimmer, you’re posture and confidence will reap the rewards.