Five Great Styles For Long Hair

Long Hair

Having long hair can look very stylish and elegant, but you do have to decide what to do with it. With short hair, it has to be worn loose, but there are lots of options for long hair and different ones suit different people, hair types and occasions. There are a few ideas below.


Wearing hair in two bunches, one either side of the head can be a very cute look. It is something that many children wear. Most grown ups do not wear their hair in bunches unless they are dressing up as a school girl for a fancy dress party. However, it can work for some people. It is not good for frizzy thick hair as it can tend to stick straight out and so look very odd. Wearing bunches relies on being able to put a straight, neat parting in the middle of the hair and this can be difficult, especially if you are doing it by yourself. It tends to look better with straight hair and can work with plaits in each bunch.

Pony Tail

A pony tail is a very classic style and can either be worn high on the head or lower down. It is a great practical way to keep hair out of the face and very easy to do. It can provide an opportunity to wear pretty hair accessories as well. Some may consider that it is boring, but it can be good for work or formal occasions too. Works well for hair that is very long as well as mid-length styles.


Wearing hair loose can be great, but it does depend on the hair type. Very fine hair can get flyaway and so unless it is brushed a lot, it can look messy if it is not tied back. Frizzy hair can also tend to get out of control if it is left loose. Loose hair can look great, but it is important to think practically as to whether it will stay looking good and whether it will get in the way. It can suit some people much better to have hair around their face rather than tied back and some women are prone to their haior falling out, which can be made worse if it is tied back.


A plait can be a great way to keep hair under control. It is most suitable for longer hair but will stop it from getting so messy and flyaway. Some hair cannot hold a plait very well or for long. Fine hair may be worse for this, whereas thick hair can hold the style but may get a bit messy. Learning how to do an even plait can be hard, especially if you are doing your own hair and cannot see what you are doing. However, plaiting a pony tail can be a lot easier and a good place to start and then moving on to a French plait can be the next stage which will take more practice.


A bun can be considered to be a rather old fashioned style, but it can work very well in some circumstances. It is extremely useful if you want to keep all of your hair out of the way. It means that you do not have to worry about it. A bun can be softened by letting out some bits of hair, perhaps in front or behind the ear. It can also clear your hair tidily away so that there is room to put on pretty hair slides and things like that.

Often a style can be determined by hair type, but do not be afraid to experiment with different styles. It may take practice to get a style to look right and maybe to feel right as well, but it can be worth the effort. Learn more about the best way to keep your hair healthy, on this website: